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Chia Oatmeal

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

My kids can do oatmeal breakfast, lunch or supper! It’s true ..... someone is always making oats in our family! I was actually thinking the other day that if we are to go into another lockdown I will be rushing to the grocery to stock up on oats.

This week I made a few extra bowls of overnight oats to put in the fridge for the week .

I like to add Neolife vanilla protein powder which adds a great creamy vanilla flavor and at least I know the kids are getting their building blocks to boost their immune system. I’m trying to be intentional with their health as I know it only a matter of time before they come into contact with another friend with Covid.



Mix all ingredients together . Drizzle with honey or nut butter of your choice and top with berries and your favorite fruit and seeds .

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