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Neolife Protein Shake

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

  • Proprietary blend of 18 grams high quality protein essential for cellular nutrition and energy, with 5 grams of fibre

  • Glycemic Response Control Technology helps minimize fat storage and promote fat burning

  • Includes muscle-retaining branched chain amino acid Leucine*

  • Promotes Gut-Brain Satiety Signaling*

  • Biologically complete with 22 amino acids and 25 vitamins and minerals

  • No artificial anything

  • Mixes easily in water

  • Only 140 calories

  • Gluten free

Simply mix two scoops Protein Powder in 8 fl. oz. ice cold water in a shaker or blender. Blend in a few ice cubes for an even thicker, frothier drink. Can also be mixed in milk. Use as a meal replacement for weight management, or for delicious and healthy nutrition everyday. 15 servings

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The shake is fantastic - we use it everyday in smoothies, it tastes great and is really good for you

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