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My Microneedling Journey

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

I am super excited to share my micro needling journey with you . I have decided to do 1 micro needling treatment on my skin every 4-6 weeks using Dr Pen and will be posting monthly as my journey progresses.

I am an Aesthetician and I have been wanting to specifically target improving the texture and elasticity of my skin. When we went into 'lockdown' last year March 2020 I started following various people on Social Media. Kimberly Pratt inspired me to do this micro needling journey on myself and I have seen the dramatic results on her skin over the last year. She has managed to transform the texture of her skin by consistently doing micro needling treatments on herself. I asked my husband for a Dr Pen for Christmas and decided to pluck up the courage and start my micro needling journey.

I did my first micro needling session last week, To be honest I felt a little anxious and concerned about the pain but I have to tell you it was not painful at all ! The most discomfort I felt was the next day (post micro needling) when my skin felt rather tight , prickly and dry.

So, if you are feeling brave and want to explore the results on your skin these are the steps and products I used and recommend:

1) My basic routine started off by cleansing my face really well with Nutriance Cleansing Gel.

I made sure that my skin was squeaky clean.

2) I then put on some disposable gloves and applied a thick layer of Ebanel numbing cream to my face . Apply as you would a face mask and then leave it on for 20 minutes. The nice part about doing this at home is you could do a quick load of laundry whilst waiting the 20 minutes. Ha ha lol OR you could just ly on the couch and listen to some mellow Spa Music and relax.....Your choice!

After 20 minutes I have to tell you the numbing cream is the weirdest sensation. My lip became numb first and it felt as though I was at the dentist. It did make me giggle and is a rather strange sensation.

3) Wash the numbing gel off with warm water and organic sponges and cleanse the face thoroughly again.

4) Put on some clean disposable gloves

5) Prepare your micro needling device and apply hyaluronic serum onto the skin whilst actually doing the micro needling. I used this HA as it is very affordable and gives slip whilst doing the actual micro needling. You will be using a lot of this HA product post micro needling. I used about one third of the bottle on the first day just continuously reapplying to my skin to keep my skin well hydrated.

6) The last product I would like to recommend is Aloe Vera Gel. This product his used on irritated or sunburnt skin .I applied this the first night and It worked really well to soothe all the redness down .

I am so impressed with my Dr Pen device. It took approximately 20 minutes to do my full face. My skin looked red immediately after the process but it is not as sore as I anticipated .

One week later my skin feels absolutely amazing and looks really radiant.

I am so thrilled with my results and can't wait to do Session 2 in 3 weeks time!

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