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Glowing Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body.

Did you know the basic material and building blocks for your body’s tissues are proteins. Proteins are made up of amino acids that are used by every cell of the body. These building blocks carry out various functions required by the cells and the body . Proteins are needed to make muscle tissue, blood and enzymes as well as the keratin that is present in skin , nails and hair. Protein is the foundation of our cells and the skin . Collagen and elastin are also made from protein. Oh yes they are and this is what you need to protect you against aging !

I know for sure my diet does not get the recommended nutrients to feed my skin so this is why I supplement and I’m so grateful to have the Neolife Protein Shake , to ensure my body gets the whole food nutrition it needs! It’s a science - if you support your body your body will support you!

Feed your skin from the inside out to get that glow !

Use good quality protein powder ! Do your research and look into the ingredients. We choose Neolife protein powder because it is a biologically complete protein with all 22 amino acids including all the essential ones and 3 BCAAs. It is 99% lactose free and many clients who are lactose intolerant love the protein shake and take it! It’s the quality that counts!

Details of GMO Free Protein Shake:

1) Proprietary blend of 18 grams high quality protein

2) 5 grams of satisfying fiber

3) 22 amino acids

4) 25 vitamins and minerals

5) No artificial anything

6) Mixes easily in water or milk

7) 140 calories

8) Gluten free

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