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The Great Escape

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Life is so busy and often we forget to take care of ourselves. One of my biggest problems is not being able to shut down and just be present. I am always telling clients that they need to nourish to flourish and I am still learning the art myself of truly nourishing myself; mind, body and spirit.

I woke up a few weekends ago with a really stiff , sore neck. It had been a stressful few weeks of work and to top it off Garth got Covid so I had not taken much time to care for myself. Garth kindly suggested I go for a massage but the thought of someone touching me made me cringe , I was in a lot of pain so I went online to look for a sauna appointment. I was pleasantly surprised to find an infrared sauna only 10 minutes away so I made an appointment and jumped in my car to go test it out. I was excited to feel the amazing benefits because I have read that infrared is known to be seven times more beneficial than a traditional sauna .

From the moment I stepped into Sweathouz in Buckhead I felt relaxed. It is a quiet escape away from the city hustle . I was welcomed by Caroline at the front desk and we immediately started chatting about the infrared detox benefits. As most of you know anything to do with ‘skin’ or ”detox’ is my language. Caroline offered me a scented cold compress , I chose Grand Rising ( Orange. Lemon and Lemongrass) and I bought a large bottle of water which is definitely necessary whilst you sweat to ensure hydration.

I was taken into my private sauna for my session . The suite is beautifully appointed with the sauna on one side and shower on the other. It was spotlessly clean which is a huge bonus for me , and there were plenty of soft white towels, hair bands, make-up wipes . I was surprised to be offered en-suite entertainment which includes surround sound where you can stream your favorite music, shows, podcasts, or meditation app on your en-suite iPad. I selected a chill playlist and was not particularly interested in needing or wanting any other screen time. I wanted to detox, escape and have time out from all of that!

My one hour getaway started : 45 minute sweat and 15 minute refreshing shower.

The timer on the wall started counting down……

It was wonderful, every peaceful minute. I managed to survive the 45 minutes at 150 degrees F. Yes, I was hot and sweaty but I felt energized , healthy and my neck felt a lot better. I love the privacy and the easy transition from sauna to shower . I jumped into a cold shower ( believe me when I say the cold water is welcoming) and felt so thankful for my tranquil spa time.

I left Sweathouzz feeling nourished ; mind, body and spirit and I slept so well that night. I am hooked and since then I have booked a Sweathouz package and Garth and I have enjoyed frequent visits. It is a perfect way to have some uninterrupted time to catch up on the week or just to relax and escape from the rest of the world.

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